Master Gopu Nair is the head of International Kyokujitsu Isshinryu Karate-do Association. The main aim to establish IKIKA is to develop Isshinryu Karate in true way as the Soke Shimabuku's teachings. At the younger age of 13 he started his Martialart journey under one of the leading Kungfu school in Kerala. He is also trained in 'Kalaripayatt', an ancient martialart of Kerala. It was his discipline and dedication which lead him towards the position of one of top Karate instructors in India. He is a direct student of Grand Master Christopher Chase. He was promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate by Grand Master Chase. Master Gopu nair is also a holder of Menkyokai award, highest instructor license in OIKKA. Along with Isshinryu Karate he is also the Chief Instructor of Hizashi Okinawa Kobudo Association and holds the rank of 4th degree black belt in Kobudo, was promoted by Grand Master Ted Gambordella (President of Masters Martial Art Association). In 2013 Grand Master Gambordella awarded Master Gopu Nair the title of 'Renshi-Go'. In October 2015 he was awarded Roku Dan (6th Degree) by Karate association of India.

Apart from Martialarts, he is also a diploma holder in screen acting from Cochin Media School. He acted in Malayalam language feature film titled ‘Lisammayude Veedu’ and also acted in a number of short films.

Shihan Gopu Nair

President & Chief Instructor

6th Dan Black Belt (KAI)

6th Dan Black Belt (Isshinryu)

4th Dan (Kobudo)



Date : 5th May 2016 to 9th May 2016


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Soke Tatsuo Shimabuku

Hanshi Angi Uezu

Kaicho Chris Chase